About Us

Welcome to Unpackaged

Unpackaged is an expression of a better world.

We believe that a lot of food packaging is unnecessary so we removed it and invited our customers to bring their own containers to refill.

Our History

Unpackaged was founded in 2006 by Catherine Conway in the belief that there was a better way to sell products without unnecessary packaging. The dream was to set up a beautiful shop that made it really easy for customers to come & refill all their daily essentials.

The Unpackaged market stall launched as a test in 2006. After a year of ferrying around very heavy (!) bulk items to two different markets, the Islington shop opened in November 2007. After 5 successful years, and lots of recognition for our mission, Unpackaged needed more space and a new Unpackaged shop, café & bar in Hackney opened its doors in December 2012.

Unpackaged Hackney proved unsuccessful – the addition of a café & bar was a distraction from the core business of refilling and the site closed in January 2014, after just a year.

Our Future

We have learnt a lot in the past 9 years! As a pioneer there was no rule book and no manual.

We tried, we succeeded in some areas, we failed in others and we continue because our commitment to leaving a better world for future generations remains undimmed. Our model is being used by similar businesses around the world and our services are needed more than ever, given the environmental challenges we face as a global community. We re-launched in February 2015, with our partners and friends at Planet Organic.




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