Our philosophy

Our Vision & Mission

  • Our Vision is a world without unnecessary packaging, with resources preserved for future generations.
  • Our Mission is to reduce packaging waste by developing systems enabling businesses and individuals to reuse and refill, and campaign for policy change.

Unpackaged Benefits:

  • Resource conservation through the reduction of packaging materials in the supply chain.
  • The reduction of material waste from landfill & incineration.
  • C0²e reduction from less packaging.
  • Positive behaviour change – we help customers consume more sustainably.
  • Less food waste – buy only what you need.
  • Promoting healthy, nutritious and ‘whole’ foods.

Our Inspiration:

We are inspired by, and support: BiomimicryCradle to Cradle DesignDiter Rams 10 Principles of Good Design, EMF's New Plastics Economy, New Economics Foundation, One Planet Living, Slow FoodSustain’s 7 Principles of Sustainable FoodThe Transition Movement.