Walk for Waste Aid - 23rd June, 2018, London

07/06/18 UPDATE

The official registration has shut but you can still join:

Go to https://wasteaid.org.uk/donate/ 

Pay £18

Event Name: Walk for Waste Aid

Organisation: Unpackaged

Wear a green accessory on the day so we know that you're part of Team Unpackaged!


We will be entering a team, in collaboration with Zero Waste Life, to participate in the third annual “Walk for Waste“ event, a 25km walk across London to raise money for the charity WasteAid. Our team will be called ‘Zero Waste Life + Unpackaged’.

We will meet at 9.30am and congregate with the other walkers on Station Approach, near Putney Bridge Station. Then at 10:00am the walk will start and we will we will head east towards the City, zigzagging across the array of historic bridges, with a break for lunch in Vauxhall. The finish line is in Southwark just past Tower Bridge.

To indentify our team we are asking people to wear something green - a scarf, hat etc. 

Everyone is welcome, and there is no obligation to complete the full 25km. Anyone preferring to do the 10km walk can join us at lunchtime. 

We’ll be doing a litter pick along the way and there will be refreshments at the start, middle and finish line, as well as water bottle refill stations.

To register to participate in the walk, simply follow the link below to buy a ticket. Select the ‘Team Registration’ option which is £18. Then when you enter your name, simply state our team name afterwards, for example: Alex Furey (Zero Waste Life + Unpackaged).
For £18 you will receive:
- a free ‘Walk for WasteAid 2018’ T-shirt to wear
- a free branded re-usable water bottle
- a souvenir route map – bridge facts
- midpoint stop, free snacks and bottle refill point
- a medal & food at the finish
(although to reduce waste, if you don’t want to receive these items. it is possible to opt-out of being given these items).

If you can't walk but would like to make a donation, please do so here:

WasteAid is an independent charity (non-profit), set up by waste management professionals to share practical and low-cost waste management know-how with communities in low-income countries.Two billion people in the world don’t have their rubbish collected, and WasteAid is raising money to train more communities in simple recycling
techniques, creating jobs and keeping plastic out of the oceans.
To find out more about WasteAid the amazing work they do, visit their website: https://wasteaid.org.uk/

It’s a beautiful route through London and it will be a great opportunity to meet and chat to other members of the Zero Waste community along the way, so we hope you can join us!