An Introduction to Zero Waste Shopping at Planet Organic, 25th May, 7pm

Particularly aimed at people who’ve always wanted to give Zero Waste/ refilling a go but are a bit unsure where to start!

The evening will start with a brief introduction to the philosophy and goals of the Zero Waste movement – why should we care about packaging? And what small lifestyle changes can we make to make a more positive environmental impact?

Catherine will then show you how to refill in-store – how the bulk dispensers work and how to “tare” your containers.

You’ll be a refilling pro in no time and, as an additional reward, enjoy 10% off your Unpackaged purchases on the night.

When you’ve secured your event ticket:
1. Click here to see the product list of everything we sell so you can have a think about what you want to purchase on the night.
2. Put together a bag of containers to bring on the night – these could be cloth bags, old takeaway containers or jars; as well as your empty Ecover household bottles. Just make sure you clean and dry your containers before you come.

If you have any questions before the event, please email and we’ll be pleased to help.