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An Introduction to Zero Waste Shopping, Wed 25th May, 7pm

We’re hosting a Zero Waste event at Planet Organic on Wed 25th May 7pm – 8pm.


Particularly aimed at people who’ve always wanted to give Zero Waste/ refilling a go but are a bit unsure where to start!

The evening will start with a brief introduction to the philosophy and goals of the Zero Waste movement – why should we care about packaging? And what small lifestyle changes can we make to make a more positive environmental impact?

Catherine will then show you how to refill in-store – how the bulk dispensers work and how to “tare” your containers.

You’ll be a refilling pro in no time and, as an additional reward, enjoy 10% off your Unpackaged purchases on the night.

When you’ve secured your event ticket:
1. Click here to see the product list of everything we sell so you can have a think about what you want to purchase on the night.
2. Put together a bag of containers to bring on the night – these could be cloth bags, old takeaway containers or jars; as well as your empty Ecover household bottles. Just make sure you clean and dry your containers before you come.

If you have any questions before the event, please email info@beunpackaged.com and we’ll be pleased to help.

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