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Popping Marvellous

One of the problems of the zero waste lifestyle comes when you’ve had a hard day at work, you’ve collapsed in front of the (I’d love to say something high brow…) telly, and you just want a little snack.

You’re options are – go to the shop and buy something horrid, packaged and full of delicious yet horrible processed ingredients. Or you go to the health food shop and get something made of lovely ingredients but still packaged. Or you sit there feeling guilty that you really should hand make from scratch your own biscuits/ cake/ snack but its 9pm on a Wednesday and you’re too tired to stand up, but oh the packaging, oh the guilt of it all.

In these moments we reach for our trusty jar of popcorn (refilled at Unpackaged Planet Organic of course). It’s cheap as chips, sooo quick to make and easy to adulterate with all sorts of things from your cupboard to cheer you up.

You could pretty much combine any of the following and still get something good – cocoa powder, butter, sea salt, coconut oil, cinnamon, lime, chilli…

And if you want to get super fancy, feast your eyes on the popcorn page of one of our favourite websites Tastespotting and see what amazing recipes people have posted.



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