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Scarcity-Waste at Somerset House

This looks well worth a visit:

The Syngenta Photography Award is a celebration of artistic skill and outstanding photography which aims to draw attention to, and stimulate dialogue around, key global challenges. This year’s award invited professional and amateur photographers from all over the world to submit applications responding to the theme of ‘Scarcity-Waste’.

In the past 50 years, our demands on the natural world have doubled. Many of us are barely aware of the fragility of the resources we depend upon for our survival. While resource scarcity is evident everywhere, it sits alongside enormous waste. As nearly one billion people go to bed hungry worldwide, others are wasting over half of the food they buy. The award called for photographs that tell stories about scarcity and waste and the tensions and relationships between them. Photographers, whatever their approach, were invited to interpret this theme to spark dialogue about our changing planet.

The six finalists (Mustafah Abdulaziz, Richard Allenby-Pratt, Rasel Chowdhury, Stefano De Luigi, Camille Michel and Benedikt Partenheimer) were chosen by a distinguished international jury, chaired by photography curator and writer William A. Ewing and selected from a shortlist of more than 2,000 entries.

Alongside the finalists, the exhibition also presents some of the most thought-provoking and powerful responses to the subject, ranging from the impact of population growth and climate change to the increasing demand on natural resources and food waste.

The 42 photographers from 21 countries represented in the exhibition not only illustrate the ’Scarcity-Waste’ theme in striking and ambitious ways, but also take on the role of courageous advocates, showing deep concern for our planet. Taken together, their 90 images provide a unique voice to one of the greatest challenges the world faces: how in a world that is so desperately short of resources can we ensure that there is enough land, food and water for everyone and for future generations?

11 March – 10 April 2015
Daily 10.00-18.00 (last entry 17.15), until 18.30 (last entry 17.45) on 11 March
East Wing Galleries, East Wing
Free admission

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After a year, Unpackaged is back, so it’s hello to our old subscribers and welcome to our new friends.

We have taken the time away to regroup and rethink as we still believe that the Unpackaged refill model is viable. Indeed, with all the environmental challenges our world faces, it seems more necessary than ever! But to really make a difference, it needs to be mainstream and that’s where our focus is now.

So, it is with great pleasure that we announce the first Unpackaged collaboration with our friends at Planet Organic in Muswell Hill.  We both believe that the key to getting refilling into the mainstream is ease, convenience & self-service.

With that in mind we have developed a completely automated, self-service refill area – the first in the world. Planet Organic are the first UK chain to really put their weight behind the idea that refilling could work in a supermarket setting – with the right technology and demand from customers.

Unpackaged Needs You!
Come and give it a go. If you believe what we’re doing is important then come and vote with your wallet to send a signal to other retailers that this is what customers want. Planet Organic is a lovely business with a real focus on exciting, alternative healthy foods, so you’ll see new products that we didn’t sell before. Check out our product range here, bring your own containers and please do give us your feedbackon the self service.

Planet Organic, 111/117 Muswell Hill Road, London, N10 3HS (Map)

Tag yourself refilling on social media:
#planetrefill @unpackaged @planetorganicuk

We’ll be bringing you all our news in our monthly emails and do follow us on TwitterFacebook & Instagram.

It’s good to be back!

Very best wishes,

Full Product List – Unpackaged at Planet Organic

All our products are certified Organic.
Please email floriane@buenpackaged.com for a full price list

Bran Flakes
Jumbo Oats
Porridge Oats
Puffed Quinoa
Super Muesli

Cacao Nibs – raw
Dark Chocolate Almonds
Dark Choc Cinnamon Almonds
55% Dark Chocolate Buttons
73% Dark Chocolate Buttons
Milk Chocolate Buttons
White Chocolate Buttons

Apricots (Whole)
Apple Rings
Banana Chips
Baby Bananas
Cherries (Sour)
Coconut Chips (Raw)
Coconut Chips (Toasted)
Coconut Cubes
Figs (Lerida)
Goji Berries
Golden Berries
Mango Slices
Porcini Mushrooms
Pitted Prunes
Sultanas (in Sunflower Oil)
White Mulberries

Aduki Beans
Basmati Brown Rice
Basmati White Rice
Black Rice
Black Turtle Beans
Brown Rice Short Grain

Cous Cous
Cous Cous (Wholemeal)
Fregola (Giant Cous Cous)
Popping Corn
Puy Lentils
Quinoa Grain
Red Kidney Beans
Red Rice
Red Split Lentils
Red Quinoa Grain
Tricolore Quinoa

Almonds (Ground)
Brazils (Whole)
Brazils (Broken)
Cashews (Whole)
Chia Seeds
Hazelnuts (Roasted)
Hemp Seeds
Linseed (Golden)
Nut Mix
Omega 4 Seed Mix
Pecans (Halves)
Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed Mix
Walnuts (Halves)

Ecover Chamomile Washing Up Liquid per Litre
Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Liquid per Litre

Kilner Jar (1 Litre) each
Kilner Jar (500ml) each
Kilner Jar (750ml) each

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