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Meet the Producer – Winnie from Wanderlust Nut Butters


Our gourmet Wanderlust Nut Butters have been flying off the shelves! Founder Winnie Maganjo tells us all about their mission:

How did you choose the name Wanderlust?

We’re actually currently doing a rebrand so the name is going to change but I think the change will reflect the business, who we are and mission a lot more. But we have kept the personality that makes as who we are!

What inspired you to first make nut butter?

I just really wanted to see a fun variation from normal peanut butter in stores minus the preservatives, oils and sugar that a lot of mainstream peanut butter companies. I remember scouring the nut butter aisles in supermarkets for a flavoured nut butter and I couldn’t find any beyond chocolate flavour. And to use the overused quote ‘necessity truly is the mother of invention’!

What are the ethical aims behind your business?

At the heart of our business is producing a product that is genuinely natural. Our visions for Wanderlust is to grow into a company that regularly and meaningfully gives back to the local community and we are pursuing ways to do so be it through mentoring young people to start food business or running food banks. Our ethics make up the fabric of who we are and influence our day to day decisions as we try to build a company that we will look back at and be proud of.

We love your flavours, how did you choose them and do you have any more in the pipeline?

Thank you!! With each nut butter there is a different back story. For example for the Coconut Cashew Butter started off as chocolate coconut cashew butter but when I gave it to one of my good friends to try she thought that it was way too many flavours going on. I got rid of the chocolate and it totally changed the nut butter into the best seller that it is. So I do rely on feedback a lot to make nut butters people would be excited to buy. We have many more flavours we are working on. We will release a new one in January next year!

We love your butter spread on a slice of toasted sourdough from the Better Health Bakery. What do you recommend is the best way to enjoy your butters?

In order of nut butter here are my recommendations:

Espresso Almond Butter

Spread onto walnut bread with fresh jam made with crushed mixed berries (simple but glorious!) Or as a marinade with lemon and olive oil (can be used on both vegetables or meat).

Cinnamon Peanut Butter

In a vegetarian stir fry with rice noodles. I normally make a sauce with the peanut butter, soy sauce, garlic and ginger and mix that into my stir fry. Or peanut butter banana bread (take your trustee banana bread recipe then swirl peanut butter into it just before you put it in the oven to bake!)

Coconut Cashew

Drizzled on apples and pears, on rice cakes with some pumpkin seeds for crunch or a spoonful in hot chocolate for a flavour twist!

Maple Pecan Butter

Spread thickly on pancakes, in cake icing or maple pecan and goats cheese and golden onions…trust me!

What are you plans for the future of Wanderlust?

The big goal is to grow Wanderlust into the best flavoured nut butter company in UK. Our short term goal is to successfully launch the rebranded nut butters next year March and expand our customer base to include other cities in UK. As we expand the business we want to keep our customers at the heart of our growth and the best time to start that culture is now, as a start up!


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