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5p carrier bag charge to be introduced in 2015

Nick Clegg announced last month a 5p charge to be introduced in England in Autumn 2015, in an attempt to encourage people to use or resuse their own bags, and reduce the huge number of carrier bags used in this country every year. A policy that we here at Unpackaged are of course extremely enthusiastic about!

Although described by Packaging News as ‘tokenistic from an environmental perspective’, Clegg has warned how carrier bags “blight our towns and countryside” and “take hundreds of years to degrade and can kill animals”. Our environment is suffering enormously as the distribution and disposal of carrier bags increases at uncontrollable rates!

The packaging sector have long argued that the environmental impact of plastic bags is insignificant and that the issue is a distraction from more effective ways to reduce society’s carbon footprint. However Clegg has acknowledged that although the policy may not alone save our environment, it will certainly help to change people’s attitude and encourage much more environmentally friendly behaviour on the part of consumers. Not only that, but all proceeds go to charity!

We at Unpackaged think its about time England followed in the footsteps of its British neighbours, and joined Northern Ireland and Wales in introducing a charge of carrier bags in supermarkets and larger stores (Wales is following suit too!) If Tesco is right about anything, every little absolutely helps!

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