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Intern Wanted

Looking to get some work experience in a small innovative food business?

Unpackaged are looking for an intern to provide administrative, marketing and media assistance, including the promotion of events and of social media network coverage.

Minimum commitment 1 month, part-time for 3 days a week 9am-5pm, expenses covered (travel within London) and lunch provided.

If you are interested, please forward your CV and a covering letter telling us why you would be great for the position to catherine@beunpackaged.com

Halloween activities at Unpackaged 28th & 29th October

With Halloween just around the corner, Unpackaged are getting into the spooky spirit with some exciting activities! Come down on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th between 10am and 4pm where the kids can get creative with some fun Halloween colouring in pages, and of course we’ll be supplying some juicy pumpkins for carving! What a great way to spend half term…

Tesco wastes almost 30,000 tonnes of food!

Tesco, publishing its food waste figures for the first time, revealed the disposal of almost 30,000 tonnes of food during the first half of this year. Not something Unpackaged likes to hear about! With an estimated 40% of apples, 47% of baked goods and two-thirds of packaged salad being wasted, Tesco announced plans to prevent further food wastage.

Among several measures to be introduced, Tesco said it was ending multi-buys on large bags of salad,  using smaller cases in stores and rearranging 600 in-store bakeries to reduce the amount of bread on display. Other measures to tackle the problem would include providing simple tips to customers about storing fruit, as Tesco acknowledges that 35% of the produce wasted across the UK is done by customers. The supermarket giant said it would also share tips about how to use leftover bread, adding that it was working with grape and banana suppliers to improve delivery times and conditions. Tesco’s commercial director of food group, Matt Simister, said Tesco was working with its suppliers to try and cut waste at all stages of the journey from farm to fork. “As part of this we will also use our expertise to improve our order forecasting to our suppliers and producers, helping them to plan more effectively and reduce surplus in the supply chain.”

Whilst it is fortunate that Tesco have recognised their role in the huge amount of food wastage in the UK and have proposed measures to reduce this in the future, what do we know about its disposal of this wasted produce? Salad sold in bags for example, does this get properly disposed of by separating the salad from its packaging and being sent to food waste? We’re not so sure about that here at Unpackaged! What do you think?

5p carrier bag charge to be introduced in 2015

Nick Clegg announced last month a 5p charge to be introduced in England in Autumn 2015, in an attempt to encourage people to use or resuse their own bags, and reduce the huge number of carrier bags used in this country every year. A policy that we here at Unpackaged are of course extremely enthusiastic about!

Although described by Packaging News as ‘tokenistic from an environmental perspective’, Clegg has warned how carrier bags “blight our towns and countryside” and “take hundreds of years to degrade and can kill animals”. Our environment is suffering enormously as the distribution and disposal of carrier bags increases at uncontrollable rates!

The packaging sector have long argued that the environmental impact of plastic bags is insignificant and that the issue is a distraction from more effective ways to reduce society’s carbon footprint. However Clegg has acknowledged that although the policy may not alone save our environment, it will certainly help to change people’s attitude and encourage much more environmentally friendly behaviour on the part of consumers. Not only that, but all proceeds go to charity!

We at Unpackaged think its about time England followed in the footsteps of its British neighbours, and joined Northern Ireland and Wales in introducing a charge of carrier bags in supermarkets and larger stores (Wales is following suit too!) If Tesco is right about anything, every little absolutely helps!

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