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Sole Share – London’s first sustainable fish box scheme

UNPACKAGED & SOLE SHARE present London’s first fish box scheme.

What’s a Community Supported Fishery?

A “Community Supported Fishery” (CSF) is an alternative model for selling fresh, locally-sourced seafood. CSFs aim to encourage good relationships between local fishermen, consumers and the sea by bringing top quality, locally caught seafood to their members.

How does it work?

Just like a veg box! You choose how much fish you want and how often you want it. You pay for your share at the beginning of the season and pick it up from Unpackaged either weekly or fortnightly. SoleShare’s first season will launch in September 2013 and will run for 10 weeks, every Thursday.

What’s in a box?

Every week you’ll be getting our fisherman’s catch of the day. This means you’ll be eating with the seasons and getting the freshest seafood around. It also means that each week’s catch will be a surprise and you may find yourself tasting local fish you’ve never had the opportunity to try before.

So, I’ve got my fish… now what?

At SoleShare, we want to do more than just provide you with fresh fish. As a member, we’ll offer you free workshops, to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to prepare a whole range of seafood. To help you make the most of your catch, we’ll be supplying weekly recipes & hosting delicious social events.

 Sign up at www.soleshare.net or come and find out more at Unpackaged, 7pm, Thursday 19th September.

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