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Unpackaged & Take Away Coffee Cups


And so it has come to pass, the countdown is over – the 1000 biodegradable take away cups are finished!

The 1000 cup countdown was a really good way for us to engage new and excisting customers with our no packaging message, as we set up our new cafe. Customers could scan the QR code which took them to a website page which explained the Unpackaged concept and invited them to bring the tag back with their own mug for a free coffee.

Now that all 1000 are finished, from now on there will be no disposible coffee cups at Unpackaged. If you want a take away drink, you’ll be invited to sit in and drink your coffee with us, or come down with your own mug – all very civilised, and very Unpackaged.

At Unpackaged we don’t want to be part of the problem, we want to be part of the solution, alongside fellow likeminded awesome local businesses – Leila’s in Shoreditch & the Towpath who also refuse to offer takeaway cups – the movement is growing.

Buy a Keep Cup (small, 8oz, £8.69 or medium 12oz, £9.49) and you get a free coffee too – only 3 more and you’ve made your money back, whilst polishing your eco halo. Have a look at their very cute #salutethereuser campaign here.

Did you know:

  • The UK uses over 2.5 billion disposable cups per year – even if they’re biodegradable, think of the piles of cups on Broadway Market or Columbia Road on a weekend! In fact, here’s a picture I took because I was so upset:

 Columbia Road

  • While disposable cups are made predominantly of cardboard (about 95% by weight), they also contain about 5% polyethylene in the form of a thin coating inside the cup which are a nightmare to recycle.
  • The majority of consumers say that they dispose of their take away cups in a normal bin, not a compost bin so it makes no difference really that they’re biodegradable.

Foraging Walk – Victoria Park – Sun, 9th June


Our wonderful friend John from Forage London will take a small group on a foraging exploration of Victoria Park.

You’ll learn how to spot edible plants – some you’ll know, others will be a revelation.You’ll be able to pick and eat (sustainably of course) various plants and enjoy a fascinating discussion on numerous topics including nutrition, medicine, herbalism, botany, cookery, horticulture & history.

The walk will start at 10am at Unpackaged and go on a leisurely round trip, ending up back at Unpackaged for lunch.

Ticket’s cost £30 which include the walk, a drink on your return and sharing lunch inspired by the wild foods you’ll have seen on your travels.

We only have 12 spots available so please call the shop to book on 020 8986 7933.

LSA Unpackaged


I first heard about LSA mix from an Unpackaged Amwell Street customer who used to buy linseed (flax), sunflower seeds and almonds in very precise quantities. He explained that he used to buy a product called LSA mix in Australia and swore by its health benefits.

I started researching it and since then have been regularly making it and I eat it almost every day for breakfast and I really do believe him. I’m not one for faddy superfoods or supplements but I do believe we’ve forgotten that so much of our food is so good for our health and well being – a few simple additions to our daily diet and we can feel so much better.

About LSA

It was originally developed by Dr Sandra Cabot in her book “Love Your Liver” to aid detoxing. The mix of linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds is high in proteins, fiber and Omega-3 fats. The benefit of cleansing your liver means that it can lower your cholesterol too.

It’s also the packaging free way of adding extra vitamins to LSA contains a fantastic mix of calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, slenium and vitamins A, B, E, D.

Our bronze and gold linseed comes from Flax Farm in Sussex, grown organically by the wonderful Clare. Her website www.flaxfarm.co.uk is a valuable source of information on the benefits of linseed and well worth a read – it really is a wonderful foodstuff, great for the skin, digestion and balancing hormones. Our sunflower seeds and almonds are organic – from our favourite bulk wholefoods supplier in Brighton, Infinity Foods.

How to eat it

LSA mix is best used raw, i.e. without cooking as the heating will destroy some health benefits. Try sprinkling it on your museli, porridge or in a smoothie. Or I eat chopped fruit with a dollop of Unpackaged organic greek yoghurt and 2 tablespoons of LSA mix sprinkled on the top.

How to make it

There are various recipes for how to make it but I follow a nice man called Craig’s recipe of 1 cup linseed (I mix half gold and half bronze linseed for variety) + 2/3 cup of sunflower seed + 1/3 cup of almonds. Given that almonds are the most expensive, it makes it more affordable to have linseed as the bulk. Mix in a bowl and grind together in small batches so the grinder doesn’t don’t overheat (it will go oily). It’s best done in small batches so it doesn’t go off and kept in the fridge whilst you use it.

So, you can either come to us and buy the ingredients seperately (we can mix it all together), or buy the mix pre ground, we’re selling it at £1.99/ 100g.

***As Craig says on his disclaimer – I’m not a doctor so please see this as a healthy addition to a varied diet rather than a medical presciption, please always consult a doctor!

(Posted by Cath Unpackaged)

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